Seabird Exploration did illegal airgun testings / Balearic and Spanish government obviously covered it. Umweltbehörde der Balearen: Ein Ministerium glänzt durch Transparenz, Ehrlichkeit und Verantwortungsbewusstsein

29/08/2014 at 19:15

Sorry, no time to translate the whole text into English. But believe me: This is absolutely escandalous! In August 2014 we all got to know that Balearic Environmental Ministry has been informed about illegal airgun testings realized by the company Seabird Exploration in “free areas of the Gulf of León, [...]

Spoilt for choice: oil platforms or tourism paradise

29/08/2014 at 0:25

This is the English translation of my text: “Die Qual der Wahl” from May 2013. Thanks to my translator Tony in Berlin! This article has been published in the bulletin of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung” (German Society for Marine Research) in Hamburg. As German media on Ibiza at this [...]

Stop oil exploration! See videos: Seismic Airgun Testing / campañas sísmicas / 3 D-Seismik – planned offshore Ibiza

28/08/2014 at 23:29

Find video-links beneath During their oil exploration in the Gulf of Valencia, just some 40 kilometers offshore Ibiza, the Scottish oil company Cairn Energy is planning seismic airgun testings. Airguns shoot extremely loud blasts of compressed air directed to the ocean bottom and deep beneath the seafloor. These blasts that [...]

And you – what do you think about Seismic Airgun Testing and Oil Drilling? Y tu – que piensas sobre campañas sísmicas y plataformas petrolíferas?

28/08/2014 at 23:15

Make up your mind. Hazte una idea. See another video. Einfach schauen und sich seine Meinung bilden:

And for to remind: Who is Cairn Energy/Capricorn Spain Limited? Um daran zu erinnern: Wer steht hinter Cairn Energy/Capricorn Spain Limited?

28/08/2014 at 22:09

thanks to Alianza Mar Blava we did get to know long time ago who is standing behind Cairn Energy/Capricorn Spain Limited. Cairn Energy is a Scottish oil company based in Edinburgh, founded in 1981 by former Scottish rugby player Sir Bill Gammell. In 1952 the father of Gammell provided much [...]

Strange press information about Cairn Energy’s oil prospection project offshore Ibiza /Seltsame Pressemeldungen über das Cairn Energy-Projekt

27/08/2014 at 9:15

Der deutsche Text ist unten angehängt. August 22 nd 2014 the Diario de Ibiza published a very strange news about Cairn Energy’s oil prospection project offshore Ibiza. They daily newspaper informed that Spanish Minister of Industry José´Manuel Soria (PP/Partido Popular) claimed on a political meeting in Las Palmas (Canary Islands) [...]

Oil companies are tremendously exited about their new possibilities in the Mediterranean

16/08/2014 at 15:43

International oil companies are tremendously exited about their new possibilities in the Mediterranean Sea. They consider their new playing ground as “tremendously exciting”, “extrordinary” and “attractive”. No cabe duda: Se van a cargar todo el Mediterraneo! There is no doubt:They will destroy the whole Mediterranean Sea. Just read the international [...]

The Mediterranean Sea, the world’s biggest playground for oil companies / Die Balearen sind umgeben von Explorationsprojekten – Aussichten für 2014 und darüber hinaus / View on the future

16/08/2014 at 9:21

The Balearic Islands are surrounded by oil exploration projects. See map published by Alianza Mar Blava on December 27th 2013. You have to install Google Earth for to get the complete idea. Meanwhile some more projects have been presented. Latest one has been published 2 weeks ago and will take [...]

What is Underwater Noise Pollution & Seismic Airgun Testing? Get another look …

07/08/2014 at 20:54

For everybody to remind:

WWF und Allianz Mar Blava fordern Einstellung der Erdölsuche /WWF solar boot visited Balearic Islands for to support protest against oil prospections

01/08/2014 at 14:27

Sorry, no time to write also in English. Find information in Spanish on the webpage of the Allianza Mar Blava: Der WWF, der World Wide Fund For Nature, ist eine der größten internationalen Naturschutzorganisationen der Welt. Ein Netzwerk von rund 4000 Mitarbeitern in etwa 100 Ländern engagiert sich für [...]